Why I started Today Fit

Why I started Today Fit
Kabir Walker

For the majority of my life I’d dabbled in fitness. Starting with sports in high school, then at 16 I found myself homeless and joined the Royal Navy. They taught me a lot about getting fit. After leaving I always did some exercise, a run here, a few months in a gym there, so I was always “not unfit” but never truly fit.

Two years ago, I was 32 and more financially independent, so I made the decision to make fitness a more important part of my lifestyle. My trainer supported me with my diet, techniques and a custom fitness plan.

After doing one session, five days a week for three months, I had these results:

I realised that my previous mistake was not approaching fitness with the intention to make it last. This is why I didn’t get the results I wanted. I knew that I needed the constant support of a personal trainer to make this a part of my lifestyle. However, I was paying £1000 per month. This is out of reach for a lot of people and had always, until recently, been out of reach for me as well.

I began researching fitness apps and online Personal Trainers on Instagram. It became obvious to me that the options for people are either:

a) Apps with no real people involved and so although free, not personal

b) Expensive fees for Personal Trainers Then I realised, an online personal training service was needed. One that was accessible for anyone who wanted lasting fitness.

I wanted to create something that was for every fitness level and for all fitness goals. Something that was also affordable and supportive for people. So I created TodayFit, when you sign up online you have access to your own Personal Trainer. Your trainer writes your workouts for you (up to seven per week), advises you on a diet and supports your journey daily.

My goal is to help people all over the world to get lasting fitness. If you’re interested in signing up for TodayFit for £5 per week, get in touch here.