Russell Holman

Russell Holman

Head Personal Trainer

Russell has worked at the very highest level of the fitness world for over 25 years, having guided athletes to Olympic – that’s right – Olympic – and World Championship medals. He also spent 10 years working in professional football in England, including at Premier League clubs West Ham United and Crystal Palace FC and has been personal fitness coach to famous players including David James, Craig Bellamy and Michael Owen. Russell has worked with MMA champions, professional cricketers, elite tennis players and Paralympic competitors. Yes, you have our permission to be impressed, we are.

Junaid Tariq

Junaid Tariq

Lead Personal Trainer

The only thing more impressive than Junaid’s luscious beard is his commitment to helping you on your fitness journey. He is a competitive bodybuilder and qualified bodybuilding coach who specialises in weight loss and strength training. Junaid has competed in several high profile bodybuilding competitions and has a reputation for treating his clients like family.

Kabir Walker


CEO Today Fit

Kabir has a background in Technology and has helped build new Technology for some of the worlds biggest banks and media organisations – you should never hear from Kabir or know he exists, when everything is working perfectly he’s doing his job.

Jimi Daodu


Head of Business Development

Today Fit is pretty amazing and Jimi’s role is to make sure as many people as possible know how amazing it is. If you’re reading this it’s likely that a combination of your own willpower, determination and Jimi’s efforts to make sure you saw us at the right time brought you here.

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