6 ways to combat stress that don’t cost you a dime

Have you been working a lot lately or just being stressed with new things coming up, endless to-do lists and people who annoy you every day? At the end of a really no slay day I just want to go in my bed with some comfort food and Netflix and call it a day. But there is a better way to deal with stress, actually six better ways to deal with stress- on the long term scale.

1.Trust your gut- This one is one of the essential ways to have less stress in your life, especially when your stress comes often from making a decision. Just trust your intuition that you will make the right decision for now. Nothing is forever and changing your mind is always an option. Think about is the next time you get overly stressed over making decisions and it will relax you instantly.

2 Get to know your trigger– We all have one thing that can trigger us instantly to feel stressed. Is it a certain topic, a person or a thought? Try to determine what makes your restlessness growing and concrete on accepting that first. When you get stressed the next time over the same issue try to understand that this has already been triggered in the past and therefore the event itself it actually not that stressful. Your brain is confusion the actual present event with some cognitive connections in your brain from the past which make you more stressed than you actually have to be.

3. Be an Enthusiast– Even in the hardest of times, try and remember things that you are thankful for. A therapist friend says that keeping a gratitude journal and writing down three things a day you are thankful for makes most people feel less depressed. It helps them to see what they still have that is good in their lives.

4. Keep the balance– Not feeling stressed is all about keeping the balance. And nothing goes over a good night sleep. Don’t underestimate the importance of sleep!


5. Be mindful– Many of you know this picture of the man and his dog walking in the park. You can see the two thought bubbles from the dog and his owner. And the comment: That’s why the dog is happier. Try to be like the dog more often. Life in the moment and appreciate the little things that we often don’t even feel anymore. How does something actually tastes? Hos does the sun feel on your skin? When was the last time you really took a deep and focused breath?

6. Accept other people- Never underestimate the power of tolerating somebody you didn’t agree with Some people can be really stressful and you don’t understand their way of thinking. Instead of trying to lecture them on what you think is the right way, just see them as a way to practice your tolerance. Try to understand what makes them tick and just lean back. Everybody is different and shaped by different experiences.


Please share your tips below! What is your best advice for less stress and a more balanced life?

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