Commit to be Fit

A Personal Trainer. Online. Now.

Today Fit are the people who get you fit and keep you fit.

We know that the quickest way to LASTING fitness is with a Personal Trainer (it’s why movie stars and celebrities use them and why they’re able to change shape so quickly) and we know that most people don’t want to part with thousands of pounds a year to have one.

Today Fit give you a Personal Trainer online for £5 a week.

Your top class Personal Trainer from Today Fit will give you:

  • Diet and nutrition advice
  • Personalised workouts
  • Check and correct your form to perfect the key movements
  • Daily nudges and motivation
  • Their attention while you’re in the gym

All online for just £5 a week.

You can cancel anytime without a notice period, we don’t need to lock you in to a contract, our clients stay with us because we’re about more than just “getting fit” we’re about getting fit, staying fit and letting the dedication and commitment we show in that area of our lives start to have the same positive impact everywhere else.

Why now? Why Us?

You get a Personal Trainer in your pocket, totally dedicated to your goals for £5 a week.

Ready for your workout? Great, your PT will have written and sent you one!

Have a question about an exercise? Awesome, pull out your phone and ask them via chat and they’ll make clear everything up.

Not sure if you should eat that thing you’re looking at? Ask your PT if it’s good.

Join now for £5 a week